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ISPO Textrends

For designers and product managers, the search for new and innovative materials seems to be just as time consuming and elaborate as the proverbial search for the needle in a haystack. Simplifying this task, reducing the expenditure of time and yet improving the results – this is the aim of the new presentation platform for performance textiles and components.

In its structure and concept, the ISPO Textrends Forum is very similar to award contests. The participants apply with their most innovative product, which is reviewed by an international jury of experts. The best entries are then chosen and will benefit from several sales and promotional services.

ISPO Textrends is ISPO’s new platform for designers, product managers and the media to discover the latest fabrics, insulations, trims, and accessories for sports and outdoor apparel. It’s a unique sourcing and networking platform for sports and outdoor professionals searching for true innovation. Never before had textile trends and innovations been presented in such a compact and tangible way.

The conceptual foundation is based on three pillars.

FOCUS – Large concentration of the most innovative materials

ORIENTATION – Clear objective and thus easy selection of materials

EXTENSION – Extension of the 4-day duration of ISPO MUNICH and ISPO BEIJING to an entire year

At ISPO BEIJING 2015 (January 28-31 2015) and at ISPO MUNICH 2015 (February 5-8 2015) this new platform will be presented right in the center of the textile and fiber industry. „in 2014, for the second edition of this young platform we received about 50% more products to evaluate than last year which shows the great interest among the mills, no matter whether they are ISPO exhibitors or not.“ states Markus Hefter, ISPO exhibition director.

The jury, consisting of journalists, designers and independent experts will meet in Munich end of October 2014 to evaluate all the entered product and to select the TOP 10 and a individual number of SELECTION materials in each of the 8 categories (Base Layer, Second Layer, Outer Layer, Membrane & Coating, Accessories, Trims, Soft Equipment, Insulations).

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